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Are you looking for a reliable company to take care of your home or business exterior in and around Polk County? At P&P Exterior Wash, we are a husband-and-wife-owned business that truly cares about your property. Whether you need your property exterior cleaned because you are selling, you have received a notice from the HOA, or you simply want to feel proud of your property — we can help you.


They were very professional, they showed up on time. Did what they said they were going do and our house looks amazing and the gutters are finally cleared up and draining properly. They far exceeded my expectations. They even followed CDC COVID guidelines. A great all around family owned and operated business.

James B. via Google

Exterior Cleaning Services in Polk County

Clean property exteriors don’t just help make your property look more appealing, but also help contribute to a cleaner environment and can help extend the life of your property.

Roof & House Soft Washing

Roof Washing
Exterior Washing
Gutter Cleaning

Has your home siding become coated in green stuff? Perhaps you didn’t know that there is a small forest growing on your roof? At P&P Exterior Wash, we use the soft washing method to safely and effectively clean your roof and home siding. We take extra care to ensure that your landscape remains untouched while we clean your home exterior.

Driveway / Walkway Cleaning

Surface Cleaning
Paver Sealing
Driveway Cleaning
Walkway Cleaning

Your driveway and walkway that surround your property play an equally important part in maintaining your curb appeal. Whether water rust, metal rust, dirt, or oil, we are here to help make your surfaces look like new again.

Pool Screens / Enclosures

Pool Cage Cleaning
Pool Deck Cleaning

At P&P Exterior Wash, we also clean your pool area and cages to ensure that you and your family can enjoy time in the pool, without focusing on any dirt or grime!

Window Cleaning

Exterior Window Cleaning

It’s important that every part of your property exterior is looking its best — and that means your windows too. Using the latest tools and techniques, P&P Exterior Wash will take care to clean your windows safely, leaving them streak-free and sparkling.

Feel Proud Pulling In To Your Driveway

Let us take care of your property exterior for you.

"We have developed a great partnership with P&P Exterior Wash, LLC and their passion for service and community. Our residential house paint program is successful in part to their attention to detail and approach to helping bring hope in distressed communities. We are confident that our residents are in good hands when P&P Exterior Wash is part of the team!"

Our Story

About Us

Hey there! Thank you for visiting us at P&P Exterior Wash. Now that you know how we can help you, we want to introduce ourselves so you can get to know more about us!

We are a husband-and-wife team that built this business during the Covid-19 pandemic. We decided to start this business because we wanted to commit to it 100%, be fully involved in the company, and accomplish our family goals. We love helping this community feel proud of their property, and we can’t wait to continue doing it for years to come!


So amazing what P&P did for us! A whole house wash, cleaned off our awning (we had no idea we were growing a new forest up there 🤪), roof, porch screens (we got a lot of them), and driveway cleaning (we live in the swamp with mold growing everywhere 😬)! But now it’s so fresh and new like we just moved into a brand new house! Great service and even greater people! Thank you for making us look new again! 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

James B. via Google